Simple> suggestoin on my first creation: Wine Glass
What can I do better?


Have you seen the Spin and SpinDup tutorial from the Blender Documentation Volume I - User Guide? The final result of the tutorial is a wine glass.

The first thing I noticed about the wine glass itself is the profile can be improved. The bowl and stem are very thick versus what you normally see. If you take a look at wine glass images, you will see what I mean. I did some research and here are a few links that might help you model your wine glasses.

International Standards Organization Tasting Glass (I didn’t realize there was an ISO standard for this!)

Wine Glass Guide From Ridel

Regarding the lighting, try a simple 3 point lighting setup (not Blender specific). Here is the Tweaking Light section form the Blender Documentation.

You appear to have a working glass material, but a better lighting and environment setup will give you an a idea of what, if anything, needs adjusting. Please note that you will only get cuastics when using Yafray or Pov-Ray.

Keep asking for help. Wait patiently. This is a good community , people are willing to help and share their experience.
Good luck.

When I render with YafRay my images are dark-lighted and blue-tinted. Blender render is fine.

Here 'tis.

New Mesh. Altered glass material. Glass is “thiner” now.

Moving right along…
My materials are good, I think… Now I have to stage it right? How should I go about doing this?

Now with a background. How does that look???
Another camera angle/“table” material…

are you guys gonna give me some help, or not???

Well your glasses material the way you have in your last render makes it look like lead. Could you post shots of your material settings? I would first try to finish the glass and get that looking good before I worked any more on the liquid sim part. The glass structure looks fine. Your pretty much at a point where it’s just a lot of tweaking to get your setting where you want them. Was there a specific part you did not understand how to do?
Material Settings for the glass.
I’d like help with my materials untill they look resonably realistic…