Simple sunset scene

Hello everybody!
I’ve been trying to make a sunset lately, and I’ve come a point at which I want to make some lighting. My main problems are the sun as a light source, and also texturing a little house. I was wondering if someone could give me a hand with these things :smiley: Any advice would be just welcome, seeing how my scene is nooby lol.


Sunset.blend (388 KB)

Hey - I really dig the nice serene and balanced scene you have as base set-up.

These are just the ways I’d go about doing it, please take on board whatever you feel is necessary.

Determine how realistic you want this to be - you may have to use an external renderer and get the instructions for some like YAFRAY.

If you want to go low poly, less time approach, existing blender renderer . . .

Regarding the texturing - personally I prefer the textures to do most of the ground work. You can UV-unwrap (please get tutorials on this off the 'net - some really easy to follow ones out there) it and edit the textures in some program like GIMP. To get it really detailed - you can go the further mile and add in the spec’s and bump mapping etc. My own lazy way for this is to get an existing material library (Meta-Androcto’s library is a good resource . . . and I’m afraid I haven’t spelled this correctly) and simply tweak the Maps to a jpeg that I use . . . since the settings are already to some extent what I want.

For light, I prefer several (like 3 plus) and with the shadows turned off for some of these. I also use the emit button in the textures stage to get something I feel is good.

Lastly, since my laptop is quite slow, I’d make the house in one file, sun in another, sea in another and then append all of these into one. OR you can use the layers . . .

Hope this helps - sorry for not going into the details - and hope to see your finished render in due course.

Thanks a lot, it’s true I really have to make huge progress in UV-mapping and also in photoshop/gimp. But I was wondering if using a halo material for the sun would work. The thing is, the sun is very illuminated and shining in real life, and all i managed to get is an orange circle. I’ve tried adding flares as you can see, but it doesn’t seem to be the right thing to do :o. For now I’m concentrating on the light, but I know your advice will become VERY useful when I start making the house.

Are you using a halo material for the sun? If you are, then try setting the “add” slider to 1 (in the shaders panel) If you’re doing it some other way then try to make it almost white with an orange glow

I think I’ve already tried it, and gave strange results, but I’ll give it another go, thanks.