simple texture questions


Since a few months I’m trying to learn Blender in my spare time. The 2.5 alpha and beta versions are fantastic and increases the learning-speed. Despite of that, I walk against some (material) problems:

-Is it possible to rotate a texture without the need of a UV?
-Is it possible to scale a texture depending on the texture size. Example image / texture is 1x1 meters.

Thanks in advance.


I don’t think there is a button in 2.53 to rotate the texture 90 degrees like there was in 2.49 (at least I haven’t found it). But the way I see it is if one can do it using UV’s, then you don’t a second option to do the exact same thing. Some times it is handy to have a second way to do something, but maybe in this case it isn’t.

Scaling the texture doesn’t make sense (I’m thinking), you import the texture as an image and Blender recognizes the size of that image. So what you can do is scale the UV map, and yes, to scale the UV more exactly, select a face and press S followed by a number (in the UV Editor window).

Hope that helped.

Thank you ptbbastos.

I´ll try to make a feature request. The scale image to real life units can be very handy for architectural visualizations.