Simple Texturing Problem.


Please find attached two images. The first is my object. The second is my textured object. Despite using Smart UV Unwrap to apply the simple red texture to my object, some faces seem to be transparent when view in object mode. I would like them opaque like the rest of the object. How can I make this happen?

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The first thing to do is remove doubles (W / remove doubles) and recalculate face normals (Ctrl+N)

Done. No change as of yet.

Edit: Bear in mind I’m not creating a project here, this is practice, so any information to aid my learning would be great! e.g. Why remove doubles/recalculate normals?

Attach your blend. Make sure you pack in any textures.

How do I pack textures to a .blend?

File / External data. Your’e characters feet have inverted normals so you should recalculate them as I said before. Other than that its pointless without textures.

Ok, thanks for your help. I’ve learned about the external date menu and recalculating normals. I have used that before but forgot that you have to be in Edit mode, otherwise it asks you to reload start-up file.

Thanks again, and when did the point come for you when blender stopped making you feel like a complete idiot? :smiley: