Simple Texturing Question

Hey guys I have another simple question!!

Well, guys I have been getting back into blender (the newest one) and I have a simple question! When it comes to texturing I have always done it through the built-in uv image editor. Which (to my knowledge) can only be used for texturing that involves the Game Engine?

I have never really got into the rendering part of blender like I have recently, and I haven’t been able to get a texture I applied through the editor to appear on the image after I rendered it. I remember doing this in 2.49 but I can’t remember/find out how to do it in 2.6!!

Thanks in advance guys!!!

Once you get your UV map designed the way you like, you still have to apply the image as a texture + change the mapping coordinates to the UV map you designed. Here is a Youtube tutorial that covers everything step-by-step:

Thanks a lot! I knew it would be something simple!! Now, I can Finish my project!! :slight_smile: