Simple texturing/UV unwrap question

I’d like to texture a simple cube-like building using a repeating tile texture. I don’t need to worry about the top or the bottom, but I’d like to be able to set a number of repeats for each of the 4 sides. Eg, 6 repeats horizontally across the long side, 4 across the short side, and 10 vertically.

I’ve watched & read a bunch of UV unwrapping tutorials but no one seems to cover simple stuff like this. I’m not sure how to unwrap or set seams to make this work. I also don’t see how to repeat the texture a specific number of times across a face. Any help greatly appreciated!

I wish people would actually say what renderer they are using. The solution will be different for different renderers

Cycles = mapping node
Blender Renderer = Texture / Mapping panel, size settings for each axis or you can scale the face in the uv editor and the texture will tile to fill the face (set ‘Image Mapping’ to Repeat)

I’ll assume you are using the default renderer:


Sorry about that, I’ll be exporting to .fbx file into Unity3D. I didn’t realize there would be a difference.

Thanks, I’m getting it to look ok in Blender, but when I export to .fbx and import into Unity3D it seems to lose the UV repeats.

Ok, I’ve figured out a workable, though tedious, solution for now. If I simply unwrap a cube, in the UV editor I can edit each of the texture coordinates for each face by selecting one face at a time in edit mode, then editing each face corner’s UV coordinate. Some faces will be rotated 90 degrees the wrong way, so you have to move each UV point around 90 degrees manually for those faces. But you can get precise offsets and repeats for each side this way.