"Simple" Timelapse

hey guys,

i’m trying to create a simple timelapse only to find out that it is not as simple as it should be. :wink:

so i import my original video footage and add a speed control effect clip which works fine once i render it out … but is there a way to see the new end of the clip inside of the sequence editor?
i would like to put some music under it but have no clue how to see where the video ends.
ideally i would like to drag the video clip to the length of the music.
i could of course start calculating by which factor i would have to increase the movie clip speed in order to end with the music but is there a better way?

also how do i speed up multiple strips at once since it is not 1 long video but multiple ones?

any help is very welcome :slight_smile:

cheers chris

When you add the speed effect strip its already in stretch to time mode. You just select the end of the original video strip then drag it to the desired length, the speed effect should calculate the rate for you.
To do more than one strip you must first select them all and Group them together in a Meta-strip. Then apply the speed effect to that meta-strip.

ahhhh, many thanks for the help.
now that you mention it i remember something like a compound clip from after effects or premiere or so which seems to be the equivalent to a meta strip.
works perfectly :slight_smile: