Simple UV mapping

A little something I made for my girlfriend.
First time I used UV mapping
Edit: The text in the ring is UV mapped :slight_smile:

UVmapping for the wood? looks quite realistic…! great job… very simple, though… but maybe it’s what it’s intended to be =)

Ahh… nice. Good image! Although the words in the rings are a little difficult to read.[/quote]

Dayumn. The text looks too mechanically inscribed, it’s a bit unrealistic. Perhaps some noise would help.

Also, could you please post Your wood texture? It looks really good. :slight_smile:

Personally, I think the text is just fine. Also, mechanically inscribed versus??.. Aren’t most inscriptions on rings done mechanically. I’m guessing that the main problem with the text is the choice of font, not how it’s inscribed. This is all IMO. I’m not trying to put anyone else’s ideas down, just offerring a contrasting point of view.
As far is reading it is concerned, I have bad eyesight and I was able to read it fine, though I’m not sure if that really means much… :slight_smile:

Very nice blender, I love the wood!

Thanks for the feedback everyone!
Here’s the same ring with another font, is this better?

The wood texture and a lot more can be found at

Now this one looks better, but I guess it’s because the letters are thin so we shouldn’t be seeing any noise. Anyway, it’s quite fotorealistic to me, alright. Keep up!