SImple UV Unwrapping question!

So here is the problem:
When i try to unwrap this logo on my object and use it as a height it also shows the rectangular behind the logo (although it is a PNG with Alpha channel) So how can i get rid of that rectangular?

2nd question: I tried to UV unwrap only the front part, where the logo should be (not the whole object) but when i do that, my logo keeps repeating as a tile on the whole object no matter if i use the “clip” option instead of “repeat”. so whats the solution for that? i need my logo to has a dimension and height!

SO i finally achieved what i wanted but my node setup looks a bit weird. without the two “inverts” i couldn’t get this effect of having the logo on the trophy! it would just make the whole trophy black under the logo! is there something i am doing wrong? is there a better node setup?