Simple video editing?

I am posting this on behalf of my brother.
My brother has the Lego Studios camera and software, but after a string of bad experiences with bugs in the official software, he’s interested in doing his video editing in a different program. Any suggestions? The computer in question is nearly obsolete, and it runs Windows 2000. We tried Jashaka and it froze during startup. Blender doesn’t work either.

Any suggestions?
It really only needs to be able to string clips together and add sound. Free is definitely preferable.



I think he’s looking for a Non-Linear Editor, which VirtualDub is not.

You could try Avid Free DV, which is downloadable at

or Windows Movie Maker 2:

The choices for free NLE on Windows are kind of limited right now. Hopefully Blender’s upcoming release will include ffmpeg, so it could be used as a fully functional video editor.

If you had Linux you could try:


If you can only use Windows try out:-


I think you should read better.

VirtualDub can definitly do that.



Sorry 'bout that should have read better.
Zweistein is preety good now, they fixed the windows bugs last time I tested it.



It’s not free, but VideoMach is pretty cheap, you can download and try it for free, and I think it works pretty well. I use it a lot for stringing rendered images into animations.

This kind of answer is very annoying. I have no problem with Linux, but I asked specifically for programs which are compatible with Windows 2000.

I’m looking through the other options, thanks. VirtualDub and Avid Free look to be the most promising.

I’ve used VirtualDub for stop-motion workshops, and it’s ideal for it. Blender is better, as it uses AVI-Jpeg (the images will almost definately be Jpegs, so this is next to no loss of quality) but you can add sound in Virtualdub which seems impossable in Blender. Virtualdub also allows you to add sound to a video file without recompressing the video. Actually, it’s very heard to syncronise sound and stop-motion, and you could really do with a non-ninear editer to sinc the sound to the video.

Bare in mind that Stop-motion generally runs at 12 fps. For your fisrts attempts you could try as low as 5 fps: trydifferant rates til you get one you like.

You can get Lives for Windows but you got to run it through a Live cd. It also seems it can run over an Xbox.

This kind of answer is very annoying. I have no problem with Linux, but I asked specifically for programs which are compatible with Windows 2000.

Just use a Live cd that has one of the programs stated and get it to save & load from your Windows partition. No need to even install Linux.

Extract from Zweistein site:

New! If you are running Linux or a decent version of Windows and your computer has more than 128mb of ram, please check out our new compositor / editor at
If not, see below for the old Zwei-Stein. (ZS4 is free for personal use.) Zwei-Stein 3.01 is a freeware non-linear, non-destructive video compositing and editing system which offers many advanced features unavailable elsewhere.
With Zwei-Stein you can edit up to 256 video, audio and still image clips, each with up to 64 effects chained serially. Cropping, panning and custom effects are easy with automatic key frames.

Pro type, Non-Linear Video Editing Software.