Simple water animation, but not for me.


I’m a starting graphic designer and a noob in Blender.

A friend of mine asked me if I could make a animation with a logo of her in some water, so the logo should be partly in the water, and the water should ‘wave’ a bit. Not like an ocean, but more like a big dark lake, or a small bassin in a photo studio.

As I already followed some tutorials, one with an ocean modifier (is this suited for what i’m trying to do?) and another one which I’m doing now with a fluid simulator and a moving object in it to create some waves, but I still don’t get the result I’m looking for, which is, hyperrealism. Most tutorial I see are more about ocean things or dropping water simulations.

Here are some examples that I’m trying to get.

So anybody got some tips for me?
Settings, shaders tips and such… I have an iMac with 8gig Ram… I know this isn’t the best to work with.

I also noticed, I loaded in the logo as a SVG, and wanted it to be an obstacle in the fluid way of working but the only options i got are force field, soft body and rigid body.

Thanks in advance.