Simple water?

How would one go about making simpe water for a game? Like Just a plane that is transparent blue and you can walk through it.

Eh? Make a plane with a water texture, go to the material buttons, add a new material, set alpha to .5. The go to the edit tab in edit mode/face select mode and click the texture face tab. Click alpha, turn off use blender materials, and set it to actor and ghost.

Yeah, you can either set actor to ghost, or you can turn collision of the faces off, in the texture face tab. Don’t forget to copy drawmode and stuff with ctrl+c in the 3D view (with all the faces selected).

or if u dont wanna use materials…in gimp or shop, make the water texture opaque. Use the alpha button like WhatName said. Its better if you turn off collision with faces anyhow rather than ghost mode


Ok cool thanks. If you can’t tell I’m still learning stuff on Blender, but I’m learning everyday.
One problem. I cannot for the life of me remember how to turn of Blender materials.

Its in the game menu, which is at the top of the screen.

Oooooh right!! Thanks.
So then, my next question is, how would you make it solid, even under the plane or inside a cube, like you were under water?

I don’t THINK that I am understanding your question, as the answer is pretty intuitive… you want the ground to be solid under the water. So just… make some sort of ground object under the water, and your object will collide with it but not the water.

Ok sorry, I guess I didn’t clarify enough. I mean like solid blue under the water. Like if the carmera went under the plane or inside a cube, it would look normal again, so how would you make it blue all the way through the cube?

something i did a while ago, was use python to adjust the world mist settings when the camera went below a certain point.

i think it was Rasterizer.setMistStart/setMistEnd/setMistColor

Ok but I mean like have everything look blue when underwater. Like a transparent blue plane in front of the camera, but only when underwater.

You could have a semi-transparent blue plane in front of the camera. With visibility actuators.

Ok so then how would you test if you were under water?

You could give the water a property, and make the blue plane visible when the character collides with that property. Or use Python to make it visible when the camera position is below a certain Z value. Global Z.

So if you do it with a collision, how do you check when you leave the water?