Simple way of rigging an insect leg

I’m quite lost on rigging so I need some help from the rigging guys:D!
I have a simple insect leg, don’t need fancy controllers, etc. I’ve put an IK constraint to the foot, with a chain length of 3, up to the root (where it will be the joint to the torax) and it works fine, however I need the tip of the foot to stay planted to the ground when I move the Root , like the hips in a human.
Whats the simplest method to achieve this?
In my head it looks like an IK chain that works both ways, so the root and the foot behave the same, when you pick the foot all the chain follows but the root stays still and when you grab the root, all the leg follows but the foot stays planted.
Thank you


That’s how it should be currently working.
Judging just by the color of the bone that has the IK constraint, you didn’t put IK_Goal as the target, or you misspelled it.

No, the IK_Goal bone is there for presentation purposes, as I guess it has to be a bone to tell the root bone where is the floor, so it should be a goal for the root bone, but if I put an IK constraint to the root and as target bone I put IK_Goal, it acts like crazy and begins to spin the whole armature!

Make sure the IK_Goal isn’t parented to any of the bones in the chain and set the IK target of the foot bone, not the root bone.

Thanks, Asano, but I can’t get it working.
Could you make a little .blend for me :eyebrowlift:?

Thanks Asano, I thought I disconnected the IK_Goal but it wasn’t, now it works!