Simple webcam mocap: ipi soft

And all you need is a few cheap webcams (3 or 4) and a SM 4.0 compatible graphics card (which I lack otherwise I would test it right now).

It’s available for 30days free trial, after that it is quite expensive though

But something like that would really speed up and improve the quality of humanoid animations.

If there was just a FOSS blender plugin like this dreams of the possibilities

I wouldn’t mind giving this a go. I have a web cam, a “camera” that takes moving images, and also a few friends who can lend me their camera. Thanks for the link.

Oh yes - I have access to 3 different computers . . . so I can in theory get ninety days of trial.

1.400 dollars is quite expensive.

Is this fake? Just a bad feeling.

Actually compared to other mocap solutions it is incredibly cheap… but well yes it is expensive :frowning:

Concerning it being fake or not… well I can’t test it (no SM4.0 GPU right now), but it’s a free download so that should be testable quite quickly :wink:
Also their forum is already quite full with users, seemingly using the software successfully.

And to be honest I don’t see why it shouldn’t work… it seems to be rather computational intensive though, that’s why it probably wasn’t done before. It’s also not real-time like most other mocap solutions.