Simple YafaRay Interior


maybe you can work a little more on lighting in order to make it more realistic. Glad to see Yafaray makes some great stuff/

That’s a generic comment and a bit useless.Be more specific please.
And realistic is also subjective (watching your portofolio I’ve failed to find “realistic” works ).
In my opinion it looks fine especially the first one. There is a problem with the composition though in both images,and the mismatch between the style of furniture(not so contemporary) and the clean white walls(clean minimalism).

Alex Please show us your photorealistic renders.

Nicely done again Kenan, in the first image dark brown material little bit too shiny my opinion.
Btw. to help you for postprocessing Bounty renders, try this:
There is material mask script also, use them to easy selecting different areas.

Thank you. The texture is dark brown itself and I’ve noticed that I’ve noticed ‘glossy color’ option checked. Maybe it looks more shiny because of it.
Overall I’m happy with my results.