Simple, yet anoying problem with text

I know this is dumb and im gonna kick myself later, but i just cant get my text to curve the way i need it to. I am working on a prototype logo, and i need the letters to curve the opposite way. I dont know really how to explain, but if you look at the .blend file, you will understand. I want the word “Cabinetry” to wrap the opposite way around my bezier circle. I want it to wrap around the bottom of the sawblade, if you get what i’m sayin.


sawblade 3.blend (225 KB)


Have attached a .blend with text running the way you wish.
Poorly done but it gives you the idea. I do not know of a way
to just flip this on a Curve Circle only on a part of one.

Anyone know how?

Kindest Regards,



Sawblade 001.blend (233 KB)

Cool! that will work for me. Thanks for the help!