simple yet disturbing problem i want to get it fixed tonight


  1. made a man using makehuman
  2. rigged it, using group to nearest bones or whaterer i forgot what it was called
    3)went into pose mode
  3. selected all bones
  4. pressed R (rotate) and tried to rotate the figure.

most of it worked fine, but some vertices in the chest just keep in sticking to a certain spot on the screen.

you know when you create an object, there is the pink/cream coloured dot which is in the center of it (sometimes changes position but i have no idea why or what it is (if someone can explain what it is that would help)). well, those vertices just try to get as near as posible to this pink dot, and doesn’t follow the rest of the body in a rotation.


2 things you’re looking at.

Do this: add a uvsphere. Now don’t enter anything in the box where it asks you for a nr of rows and such, just click next to that box in your 3d window.

So you didn’t get a uvsphere, but if all is well, you did get one of those pink dots.

That pink dot is an “object” you just made it. The term “object” is kinda odd. It’s not actually a thing. It’s just a set of nrs/measurements/coordinates and such.

This object can have many different types of things as it’s “content”.

For instance a mesh. That’s the way it is in your scene as well. There’s the pink dot, “your object”, and the mesh which is like the child of your object. The object can also contain lamps/paths/curves… well basicly anything you put in the 3d environment.

Your specific error? Dunno exactly but I think you just need to assign those verts to a bone manually.

after reading your post, do you think that the error is caused because since those vertices are not joined to a bone, it tries to stay in its current position?

heres a screenshot if it might help you help me:

Well, it’s morning where I am…

In order for the armature to affect your mesh the relevant bones must have an associated vertex group in the mesh.

For example, the upper-arm bone (named ‘upperarm’ or ‘Bone.006’ or something) is supposed to move the upper arm. Select the mesh and from the drop down box on the 3D View menu bar change the mode to Weight Paint Mode. Your mesh will become dark blue and some section of it will probably be bright red. Press F9 and in the Edit Buttons choose the ‘upperarm’ (or ‘Bone.006’) vertex group and you’ll see that it is the upper arm painted red.

Those vertices of your mesh that are not moving are not associated with any vertex group (they should be associated with at least one).
In the Edit Buttons choose a group that is near the vertices that aren’t moving and paint them red (or whatever color most closely matches the color of nearby vertices).

In order to work best, there should be some overlap between vertex groups. For example, the upper-arm vertex group should extend a little into the shoulder and into the lower arm. Likewise, the lower arm group should extend a little into the upper arm, and the upper-spine/ribcage/shoulder/whatever group should extend just a little past the shoulder into the arm (on the deltoid muscle).

Weight painting works while the mesh is deformed, so pose it so that the ‘fixed’ vertices really stick out, then enter Weight Paint Mode, and paint them and you should see them snap into place.

[edit]Here’s a view of how I weight painted an arm.[/edit]

Hope this helps.

thanks for the…informative…reply. but i already knew about all that stuff.

i said “the error is caused because since those vertices are not joined to a bone, it tries to stay in its current position”

so i tried to see if i was correct, resulting that yes i was correct.

so i simple selected the vetices which followed that pink dot, parented them to the chest, (which was near the place they were at) and now it works.

gosh in almost every single help forum im like this. i make loads of topics about questions, and after doodling about trying stuff out i fix it before the answer gets posted…

thanks guys anyway