IT WAS A DARK AND STORMY NIGHT…several months ago and anticipating a power outage I had a
candle burning in a glass(not) dish on my desk…We awoke to clouds of smoke…the plastic dish
had melted sending a trail over to a plastic file holder stuffed with notes …which sat in front
of my always running PC (with its plastic front)…it was still running as I poured the dog"s
water on…the fire out I reached around back and cut the power…then I freaked…I hadn’t
been able to back-up any .blends for months 'cause of a dead CD-ROM…I was half-way into my
10 Bulls project …wa-wa-wa…and these days I got NO money for such things. A few months of no
Blending left me rather growly…then my two sons got together…donated most of the parts so I
could build a new(er) one than the 8 year old one I had. Which is great! (specs. ASRock i865G w/
hyper-threading 3gz P4, 2 gigs dual channel DDR 400, 250 gig Seagate SATA, 8x AGP GeForce 7600 GS)
also XP Pro (was stuck w/ ME due memory update expense) so …2.48…onward…>>>>>
such nice boys …turns out to be about 3x faster with Renders than the PC800 1.5 P4 I had.Crank it UP.
…also nowI can watch dueling threads while rendering.
As a testament to Seagate…and my great relief…the 60 gig HD from the old box,with the lable burned
partway off and some bubbly edges is now a slave drive…I lost nothing and it runs as cool as the new
one…who woulda thunk it? If you’ve hung in this far then bless ya…just shows to go ya…
so to start off, just a “simpleton”…take care

After 66 views no reply, I’ll risk myself saying out loud what most people think… I just don’t get it! :slight_smile:

Are you the big ball and your girl the little one?

haha, good story you’ve got there, faster computers are always fun. Did the bulls project disappear or did you manage to save it?

Lucky for us… IT ISgot or not…to me it seems the cube (facing all ways but focused in a single direction) is more male…while the female is more multi-faceted and reflective…and a true mate always keeps her in the front of his mind…".together" is the color of their world, bound by thin line…don’t know for sure…
Thanks for speaking out …for ALL …not so sure
Robert…yes was able to recover everything…posting it as a new thread…feels good.

I’m sorry Frank I didn’t mean to offend you! Seriously I love art that have a meaning in some way and I’m glad you explained your vison of it ! It’s hard to understand what people may see through art.

I tend to exaggerate my thought with a bit of sarcasm, which may not be the best approach :slight_smile:

When I read
“me ‘n my girl… just hangin’… trying to stay positive”
I thought it’s some kind of joke.

Like if the 2 “things” were 2 cations (positively charged ions) and would be surrounded by electrons and saying: “trying to stay positive” :wink:

so that’s how it works…
Djordhan…nor did I mean to sound offended…it was just hard to articulate …