Simplicity / Complexity Collection [Cycles]

Hi everyone,
Seeing all the work around the forums at the moment, I feel very outdone, but I would like some feedback, not necessarily critique [although it is welcomed], on my recent works, all based around a similar theme. :slight_smile: I’m not easily upset, so be honest.
Thank you.

Simplicity / complexity:

Damn that jazz!:

Higher res:

Great work, the bass look great! the stile of it is unique, the other concepts are great aswell, good work, congratulations!

Thanks man :slight_smile:

A strechy Bass. Never seen that concept ever. Like it.

Love the guitar, it reminds me of The Persistence of Memory by Dalí. The texture mapping on the head isn’t right, but it’s not too bad. The cellphone camera look you’ve given it is interesting, but I’m not really sure it goes with the surreal subject.

@Damien - Thankyou :slight_smile:

@Spacetug - I realise now the guitar looks very Dali-esque. The cellphone look was to make the bass looks realistic, but then to contradict it … I might revise it. ( as well as fix the textures - was hoping you wouldn’t spot them :wink: )

Very good work Casio, i like them all but most of them i like the bass… Slap it!!! :slight_smile:

these are cool but look like they have noise reduction, jpeg artifacts, or both?

Nice, made me laugh.