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It looks pretty simple don’t it? well it wasn’t! Damn I had to go through a lot of work to get the floor right… Radiosity kept giving me block results for the floor (why?) so I went into GIMP and blurred it, cheap but effective. Goofster says it a SpermCell from so astronaut I say it’s a chrome egg cell :D. It’s still not finished, I think I’m gonna redo the ceiling, with some blurring etc. anything else?


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What about a link ? :smiley:

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LMAO!!! it was late okey! forgive me!

:x :x :x I<edit></edit> getting old I think…


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WOW! Great image. Excellent texturing and great radiosity.

HA! Aren’t we all?! :wink:


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That gives me an idea, how about modeling the sphere from that movie “Sphere”?

Seems easily enough doable.

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looks nice, good use of radiosity (done in Lightflow?)

just another reminder (hope these are not annoying), you can post images without hassel in my forums.

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(done in Lightflow?)

:x I consider that an insult of the worst kind… :x What do you take me for?! sheesh…
No it’s radiosity. didn’t take too long to make.

how about modeling the sphere from that movie “Sphere”?

Spacebar, Add mesh, Ico-Sphere. I’m soo good at moddeling spheres :D, as to the texturing… hmmm maybe I’d better grab my copy of “the Sphere”.
Mumble Mumble the Cube mumble that was a good movie too… hmmm maybe that would be fun to make…