Hi all, after two days behind my workstation is this interior done… Its shot of minimalist interior in the Mediterranean area /upper Podgora city - Croatia/…Soft: Blender 2.49b, Yafaray 0.1.1, GIMP, MOTIVA/…C@C are welcome…

Very well done! Did you design the furniture yourself or work off of reference images?

ceramic on tables , tables, smaller lights, windows and space was modeled in Blender, other objects was 3ds from

I think it’s awesome! But just one thing: the wood on the floor, it’s very small, isn’t it?!

No, raster is ok… its shot for floor developer, it was focused on real floor texture…just a non standart

Nicely done, very photorealistic.

I like the floor personally. From an artistic point of view it leads your eye from the fore ground to that beautiful background, stopping off at some well placed, well rendered, furniture.

No, is not that I didn’t like the floor, my point is that I really never saw so small woods. :wink:
But anyway, reeally great job!!!

Beautiful work, very realistic. How long lasted a render and on what computer?

render 1600x1200px took about 2hrs 30 minutes on my AMD Athlon II X4 3200Mhz, 4 Gb RAM DDR3 1300Mhz and WIN7 64bit…

Beautiful…I wish you’d done it at 1680x1050 so I could make it my desktop

What do you do with so much empty space in a room, play football?
Anyway, nice job :slight_smile:

Very cool , ( in my own opinion ) the legs on the coffee tables look a bit thin , flimsy and they look like they are in the wrong location’s … But very cool very high quality work. I attached an image of what I would-have done ( Cough … ) If I had the skill . lol :slight_smile: .

Very nice work as usual! I saw it on the Blendernation header too, well done! :slight_smile: I use 3darchive models, I’ll have to look for that sofa!


short question, how do you use MOTIVA with Yafaray and blender? i would be happy to know! thank you!

vis4arch: Just a render image, Save like a PNG…after that some corrections in GIMP, Save as PNG …Open in MOTIVA and make a photo film ,mistakes"…Save as you want /png, jpg, exr/ and its done…


Nice render by the way.

cool! thank you for the infos and the correction…
i thought you were using the Motiva Colimo 1.2, thats why i was thinking, how it works with yafaray + blender.

A lot of people do think that, which is why I keep bugging HANGAR to state the correct software all the time :stuck_out_tongue: