Simplify lots of unorganized objects into one mesh

I have simulated lots (about 100) unevenly shaped objects falling in a big pile. Car tyres, wheels, barrels, pipes etc etc. It should resemble a pile of junk, found in a shanty town or post apocalyptic environment.

Since it is done with a physics animation, the meshes doesn’t intersect.

Now I need it to be 3D printable. So all the objects must become one solid mesh. I will naturally loose lots of details in the process, that is fine.

The separate objects looks like this:

My approach so far is to use shrinkwrap and project a very dense mesh from the top. Step by step, refining the mesh (dyntopo: detail flood fill), smooth vertices, shrinkwrap again (now closest surface instead of project). Repeat until mesh looks acceptable. Decimate lots. Clean up dirty geometry.

It now looks like this:

It’s ok. But does anyone have any suggestions to improve the workflow and maybe get better results?

you could give a try to remesh modifier
or even try the instant retopo addon

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What instant retopo addon are you refering to? I have the retopoflow, but it itsn’t useful on such an irregular mesh.
Remesh modifier could be used to help automate the process, easier, thanks.

I beg your pardon I worded it bad: it’s “Instant mesher”, see here [WIP]InstantMesher: automated export and import for ‘Instant Meshes’ (Windows/Linux)