simplify softbody


i’m making an animation that contains a softbody. now that softbody is is quiet complex. so i made a simple proxy object of my object. now is there a way to switch the 2 objects with i make a animation with the proxy.

i tride dulpi groeps but that doesent work with softbodys

any ideeeers???

please and thanks


i found a way around the problem. not ideel but it works.
i made a vertex parent of an emtpy to the softbody. and the i dupligroup my object to the empty. why dupligroup? because i have a few softbodys that need to be replaced to the same object.

You can also swap a proxy in and out of an object at the mesh level.

how do you mean? how can you swap an mesh in an object?

Press F9, it is under the Link and Materials TAB.

The dropdown that has the ME is where you pick the mesh for an object. You could pick the high-res or low-res version using that dropdown box.

oke diden’t know you could switch meshes like that.
does there exist a way/script to switch like a 100 of thise meshes at once? i’ve tryed Alt-D and the switch but that does’nt work

No, but you could make one. Just use the Link command.

Here is a snippet of code from my BlendText script.

    # create Text3D datablocks with our specific names and settings.
    tempBaseName = "txt_base_" + returnNameForNumber(charIndex) + "_" + returnShortName(ch)
    txtBase = returnText3DDatablock (tempBaseName,passedCharacter,rg_extrude,rg_bevel,rg_bevel_resolution,1.0,tempAlign,rg_font_name,rg_font_size)
    # Create a scene object to link our 3D base text to.
    tempObjectName = "bt_base_" + returnNameForNumber(charIndex) +  "_" + returnShortName(ch)
    obBase = fetchIfObject(tempObjectName)
    if obBase == None:
        newChar = True
        toConsole("Generating new BASE object [" + tempObjectName + "].")
        obBase =,tempObjectName)
    # Linking...                    # Make sure the current text is linked to the font object.
    try:     # Make sure the font object is linked to scene.

It creates a new text datablock and links it to an object. All you have to do is create loop and iterate through the names of all the objects you want to re-link.

thanks i’ll remember that one. i don’t know phyton yet, but am good in java and planning to learn phyton arfter finishing my short movie