Simplifying a blend scene made with trees from l-system?

Sorry if the title confuses, but I was working on a scene for a game. The game supports UV textures ONLY. I made some trees with L-system script and a scene, but when I import it into my game i get problems:

• There are no textures for the L-system trees
• The scene is too hi-poly.

I could decimate, but i’d lose the textures.

What should I do?

This is a tutorial for modeling and texuring a low poly tree… I don’t know that L-system should be used for low-poly trees. The tree in the tutorial was used for the Yo Frankie! Apricot game project, so it’s features may be slightly exaggerated, but it will help you a lot. It’s on the form of a 3-part video tutorial. Hope this helps!

You could try to simplify the model in the editmode: mesh -> scripts -> poly reduce selection (unsubsurf)
You may run the script several times.