simplifying a complex mesh??

given that MakeHuman is going to release the new A8 mesh and morph setup soon (and it looks STUNNING)
being able to simplify a mesh will be important.

What tools are availible to simplify a mesh with out destroying the look??

Decimate modifier
X / delete edge loop
Retopology - BSurfaces addon, shrinkwrap modifier, snapping tools
External decimation / retopology tools - zbrush, 3dcoat, topogun, meshlab

going to check out meshlab any suggestions on which of those tools i should try first??

If we go beyond blender 3dsmax has a “optimize” modifier that is at least automatic. Then the topology won’t be very good.

which fails on 2 counts 1 requires a nonzero budget 2 the topo is the entire POINT

but how close can Blender get to this (how good is decimate in guessing which verts to remove??)

Eventhough the decimate modifier does reduce verts, it may not give you the results you desire as far as topology is concerned.

Actually, MakeHuman a8, python based, is out already and produces sleek, square only, mesh. I don’t think there are automatic means to dilute it not making it ugly. Did build dependencies and tried it a minute back. Thanks for a reminder, btw!