Simplifying a UV texture

Is there a way to simplify a UV texture of a complex object? Like when I select all faces, and press “u”-unwrap, how do I keep the texture from getting messed up, putting one part of the model in several different places? If I do a “project from view”, it comes out really clean, but that’s only one side of the object. I’ve tried the smart projections unwrap, and it’s still waay to complex.

So I guess I’m asking, how do I get all for sides of the model onto one image, cleanly?

you can mark seams in the model so it is easier to unwrap

in edit mode - select the edges you want to be seams
and press Ctrl+E > Mark seams

then try to unwrap it

to make it a little more clear…seams are the lines along which ur model will be ‘cut out’ and spread in a 2d space…refer to any basic tute on UV mapping if u still need help

What if the object is in many small separate pieces?

check out this video tute

Thanks, that really helped. :slight_smile: