Simplifying geometry

Looking at the attached screenshot, can anyone tell me if there’s a way to simplify the geometry around the door frame so it’s little squares like the rest of the wall?

I need to carve a hole for a button housing. Can’t move it, it has to be on that highlighted face, and I need a decent number of verts, say about 24 to make a nice smooth circle.

I could make a square hole in the door for a similar result to what I’m after but I really want a big, round, duplo emergency stop-type button.


If it’s a flat surface, you don’t need to retopo (luckily, 'cause I don’t know much about it).
I suggest: hide everything but the face(s) you want to make a button of. (since triangles won’t be a problem on a flat surface) Then loop cut it vertically twice, delete the face, - select the eight vertices, SHIFT+S > cursor to selected - add a circle of eight vertices and connect it (unhide everything) and extrude and bla bla bla.
get it?
why do you have such a dense mesh anyway?

Thanks, I’ll try that. I made the mesh really dense so I wouldn’t have these problems when it came to adding the details. So much for Plan A. I think I may have to re-cut the door from scratch. Luckily I did a backup dup of the wall before I started carving.

Is there some standardised way to reduce face count to the bare minimum once all the modelling is done?

I’d redo the whole gate.
now, there are two ways of modeling.
box-modeling: you lay out the basic shape of your object (modified primitives) and add detail where needed. This gives you a good overview, I usually do it that way.
polygon-modeling: you start with a polygon and you extrude, duplicate, … and place the vertices where you need them. This gives you a nice and clean mesh. You don’t have to restructure you topology much, but it’s damn hard.

by the way, there’s always the option of adding the button as a separate object. :wink:

Well, I started again and this is what I’ve got so far. I can’t wait to see how many less faces it takes this way. :smiley:


I am not getting you. Cant you just do this?


That’s pretty cool but such a low number of verts is gonna look really bad when the camera’s pointing at it. Hence the NURBS curve. I’ve got my face count down from 3500 to 350 on the wall section so that’ll do me and my GPU/CPU some good.

However… this does lead me onto another question, which is if I did make a small section like you have, can I then attach/join it to the wall around it seamlessly?

first: the wall and the gate don’t need to be the same object.
second: ever heard of the subdivision surface modifier? I suggest you take some beginner tutorials; plenty on the web. :wink:
Anyway, here’s what I meant, just press F12.


gate.blend (284 KB)

I can understand if you want a high vertex count if you want the model to look good, but you have way too many vertices in placed that don’t need then, such as the straight sides of the opening. If it’s just a straight edge, you don’t need more than 2 vertices for it.

Easy, Claus, less you’re looking for a fat lip. Subsurf warps geometry unless you cut edge loops and double up around the edges. It’s not what I’m looking for. I’m not modelling for games here. I could care less about face count. And I’ll be damned if I’ll put the atmopsheric pressure these intrepid souls will need down to anything other than precision design, shamone.

Hey Morio,

I see what you’re saying but my bevels tend to give ugly results if I delete loads of faces and build “my own” geometry, know what I mean?

I could care less about face count.

But you probably care about good topology and decent render-times. What’s wrong with modeling like Claus and Ridix, and then subsurfing…?

can’t you just do this with the button?

button.blend (250 KB)

@spacetug: no mate the button has to be flush with the door. Aboslutely has to be with no wiggle room. Cool button though =)

@senshi: well, I’ve done a lot of modelling with subsurf and it’s nigh on a certainty that bevels will get screwed up somehow in the interpolation and creases/edge sharpening frequently gives ugly results with subsurf in my experience too. So my sort of vow to myself was that no subsurfing would be used in this project. Sure I want good render tims and topology. One comes with spending more cash on the computer. The other will come with experience I guess.

@all: anyway, it’s as done as it’s gonna get now and I might not be over the moon with the face count of 500k, but it’s better than my last attempt which came out at over a million faces.


Put the 3d curser where you want the button (ie snap to a vertex), delete edges to make a hole big enough for your button, in edit mode add a circle with enough vertices, join up the gaps with faces, extrude the circle to create the button. If the wall where you add the button is planar and you are not subsurfing as you say you shouldn’t have any problems with tris.
A straight line only needs two vertices, one at each end, anything in between is not adding anything If you have edge loops between the two ends, select the loop and X / delete edge loop. From your image you seem to have lots of these if you want to get rid of them and just leave the rounded corners. You may ask if there an automated way of doing this? No, but a couple of minutes work is nothing really if you just get down and do it.

Ok sorry to drone on… but looking at this screenshot here, can I keep everything highlighted in red, make a new plane, cut 4-vert holes to fit the shapes and merge the red highlighted areas into the new plane, without any ugly edge problems?


Ok, Richard, I did what you said. Does this look something more like it should be?

I can’t remove any more edge loops without the door frame distorting through loss of vertices. I’ve reduced face count by about 4,000 though =)

Edit: after a bit more of the same I’ve ditched around about 25k faces :slight_smile:

Edit: Another 4 thousand gone :slight_smile: