Simplifying procedural node group.

So I downloaded this free procedural rusty metal material, and i would like to just use the metal shader, but cant figure out how to remove the rust. I didn’t think it would be to difficult but I’m assuming its because the “Metal group” in the .blend isn’t actually a shader but something you would add to a shader, I think? Been trying to find a solution for a while and I’m getting nowhere, any insight or a detailed explanation would be greatly appreciated.

This is the “metal” bit of the rusty metal.

Procedural_Rust_1.5BA.blend (738 KB)

Remove all of the nodes highlighted in orange - then connect the last mix shader output into the ‘shader’ group output.

Sorry I should have been a bit more specific. I still want to keep the bump and texture, just without the rust. Doing it the way you mentioned left me with basically a simple diffuse shader. For example, changing the Rust Color Ramp to all grey colors. That is a solution yes, but then I’m left with a tonne of useless nodes and groups that do nothing lol. The goal is basically the picture without rust, but removing all the unused nodes that pertain to the “rust” aspect of the material, yet still having control over bump. Thank you for responding!

Unless I’m missing something?