Simplifying shapes, merging shapes

Hi, as always you guys are great at answering my questions, and here are the latest things I"m stumped on:

I noticed that when I do different things such as boolean operations or what have you, the polygons that make the shapes become more complex and disorderly to look at, whereas I see the professional models with simple wireframes that are conservative with vertices. I’m wondering if the program has a way to look at the shape of an object created by someone and regenerate the shape using a more conservative and orderly polygons (with quads and not triagles).

Secondly I"m wondering what the best way of merging objects is to make a smooth object that has a continuous flow and not useless internal geometry that remains after you stick one shape into another and merge them.

And third, where can I find a good number of tried and true modeling scripts for blender (that come in a package and work once inserted into the script folder)?

I’m subscribed to this thread, and I generally print the replies since I don’t get much net access. Thanks in advance. :confused:

#1)the program cannot do that. Wait till version 396.00 in the year 3030. :slight_smile:
#2) when you join the objects, manually connect the vertices to make it “smooth and continuous”.
#3)theres a built in script that converts tris to quads.:slight_smile:

any more questions I can help with?

if not, good luck on whatever you’re doing!