Simplistic Bluetooth Speaker

Hello! This is my very first post here on this forum, I figured I should start posting here as well instead of just Artstation. As I have two jobs currently I don’t have as much time as I’d like to create 3D models, so the past couple models have been quick/easy models.

This one I’m posting today is just a simplistic Bluetooth speaker in various color pallets that I got from using Adobe’s color explore website, a very handy website! Thank you for looking!

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may be a stupid question… but how did u make the hexagon pattern!?
lol sorry i’m no expert.

Hey there! No worries, it’s actually an add-on that comes with blender. Just enable “Geodesic Domes” and then it should be there when you go add a mesh! There’s a ton of settings you can mess with when you add it as well!

oh wow… thax my maaaaaan.

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