Simplistic wallpaper

We hat some Japanese exchange students here last week and so I wanted to do something with their cool language.

Don’t expect too much though, the rendering time was longer than the modeling time…

And here is the big version in 1024x768



what does it mean anyway?


ehm… you don’t really want to know :wink:

I just browsed through the japanese character map. On that image, it says “Homo”. LOL!

Well, yeah.

It’s simply the only word that I remembered

Geesh, that’s the only word that came to your mind? (sick :P)

i am NOT gonna put that in my desktop. Change it for some cool-looking kanji and then we’ll talk.

This word is meant “homosexual” in japan…

why dont you try “baka” instead? or maybe “ketsu ana”? :stuck_out_tongue:

Busted!!! :wink:

Dont worry Robert, I think we’re pretty liberal and open minded here!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

blendermax, “ketsu ana” meant a hole somewhere dorsally, right? Just checking…
We all know what baka means…in the right context…

Well, it was created to be a joke, because only my friends here know what it means and we changed the background pictures in school to it.

However, I’d be glad to change it to something else.

I thought it was the palm of my hand. No wait wrong post.

Actually what ever it says, it says it pretty cool.

Next time try “tanahe ney” that will keep people off your computer.

(Sorry about the spelling Yamyam :expressionless: )

Sorry, I don’t know “tanahe ney”… what is mean?

indeed…i can provide you with more words, if you want… :stuck_out_tongue: