Simply bot AI radars issue

Hello to all. I have some issues with radars. I’ve made simple scene - looped tunnel where bots supposed to fly avoiding obstacles always stayin inside that tunnel. And i’ve made bot object - simple sphere with parented to it two empties. Empties has radars sending signals to motion actuators to turn bot - left, right, up an down when radars find collision objects. It’s all working fine untill i increase speed of my bot (up too 0.25). When motion is set to 0.24 on -y axis radars are working well. But when i increasing speed value radars stop working. Any help is appreciated. Here is my scene:


Bot.blend (714 KB)

I tried it and made it better. I found you can use “Linear Velocity” in motion actuators instead of “Location”.

This doesn’t turn off the radars, but if you increase it too much Bot can start getting stuck in deep places on the walls, and even flying through the surface sometimes.
But at least, I solved your problem. Hope you will succeed in your project. :slight_smile: