Simply simple

First I placed a leaf beside the vases, then a flower, I added a cristal ball and I even placed Suzanne, I finally decided to replace suzanne with a frog and so and so… Hey guy whispered a small voice in my head, keep it simple !! I finally decided to only keep the vases. Rendered with Yafray.

C&C are welcome

don’t listen to the little red guy, put some more in, like a flower.

There’s a flower in there already… Its just small. Howabout a violet daisy coming out of the vase a little bit?

It’s good, like a logo or something?


I must resist to the temptation, I discovered that we use to put as many things as possible on a composition but I think that the secret to get good results is to keep it simple, don’t you think so ?

Well adding just a flower in the vase (so it sticks out) wont make it incredible diverse and complex all of a sudden. On the other hand if you add 20 flowers vases pencils erasers and … that would make it complex…its doesnt go from simple to complex in one object ? right?

The flower you do have in there is drownding, why not extend the stem and make the flower actually visable, that’s not adding ANYTHING new to the image, but will drasticly improve it IMNSHO. :smiley:

Wonderfully wonderful great stupendous caustics. :o -Some of the best caustic things I have seen here in a very long time.

-IMO I would extend the flower so that it doesn’t look dead.

I actually like the flower the way it is. Lord knows I’ve cut many a flower too short for it’s vase because of bad eyeballing. It seems to lend more realism to the scene. Having the flower almost drowning because of an imperfect cut could be much more interesting than a perfectly formed, cut, and bending flower.


IMO, the point of 3d modelling is so we can make stuff perfect. If we didn’t exercise that right once in a while, then we might as well turn this into a digital photography forum. :smiley:
The flower looks weird to me. If I cut a flower like that, then I would stick it in the handy-dandy smaller glass sitting right there. </IMO>

Ah, that’s a very good point.


Ok guys, your power of persuasion is too stronger for me, I yielded. Here is the version with the flower out of the vase ! The flower is a stylised plastic model.