Sims 2 Help Please!

I bought The Sims 2 deluxe PC Game ( (DVD and it Came with Nightlife expansion) a few days ago And Installed it. After the installation is complete, i try to start the game to play it. I double click on the shortcut on the Desktop, and an error message pops up and says “A required security module cannot be activated. This program cannot be executed (5024).” After that I try the .exe file in the installation directory and the same error pops up. Has anyone else had this problem or knows how to fix it? Also, when i try to Autostart from the CD, another error pops up “Unable to locate required file or required file is corrupt.”

sounds like DRM protection…

you might want to try the Sims2 tech support / forums…

Just think… the dishonest people who did not buy that game, and are running a pirate version dont have to go thru that.
DRM only punishes the honest people.

What is DRM? I’ll try a support forum. It seems like every new PC game i buy doesn’t work because of some stupid reason What is DRM?

Digital Rights Management :

A Person on the Sims 2 Tech help forum said it was due to Nero or some emulation software. Does anyone know what these programs are? i deleted Nero, Alcohol Soft 120, and a few other programs, and it still pops up. I also have DVD shrink on my PC. Could that cause the problem?