Sims 4 Shirt Mesh (How To It Make It longer?)

I cant get this shirt to be longer! see first picture! I cant even select the JUST the shirt. this is what happens when i try to make it longer! see other photo


Post the .blend file.

From the looks of it,the shirt is part of the upper body.Just go into edit mode and adjust the vertices from there,note that the texture may stretch.

Here is the blend it file! if you could tell me how to adjust verticles id appreciate it :). i tried it but it wanted me to adjust each triangle at at a time.vs shirt_v1.blend (1.7 MB)

The mesh is quite odd since there are allot of disconnected pieces.

I made it a bit longer without meging anything.


vs shirt_v2.blend (1.5 MB)

that origial mesh was created by EA for the sims 4 so maybe they need some lessons lol. And what you did to it was excactly what i am trying to do. Can you explain to me how you did it what steps you took as im a beginner

I selected the bottom vertices as well as some in the center of the cone under the shirt and pulled them down,after that i adjusted the position of the vertices i pulled down by resizing them to fit the body.I tweaked some of the other vertices as well to keep the shape smooth and to make sure nothing was clipping through.