sims type interaction

If anyone here has played sims before you know what im talking about. I want the character(a look down view kinda isometric of the plyer model) To be able to go up to an object, lets say a cup, and when mouse is over it highlights. Then if the user clicks on it a small graphic with text id displayed, saying “drink” and maybe a couple other options. Then the user clicks drink and the sim guy walks over to the cup and plays an ipo of him picking up the cup and drinking. ANy pointers? Thanks

Oh there’s a book called “AI Game Programming Wisedom”. There’s a chapter in there that talks a little about how the SIM’s do interaction for objects.

A little basic, they have what they call a smart environment. Take a refridgerator for instance. It broadcasts a signal food within a set area. When the SIM character is hungry and walks into the area that broadcasts the signal food, they go to the fridge and eat. Simple things like that. The character itself contains simple things like, I’m hungry, I’m bored, I’m tired, etc. When they have that emotion or what not and comes within an area of the object that broadcasts a signal that’ll satisfy the emotion, the SIM character will go for it. Hmm, this is just regular AI for it’s default behavior.

The other thing you specified might not be too hard, but it will take work to get things just right. Maybe when you go over to the cup and press drink, it tells the SIM character to go to that location, and makes him take a drink when he reaches there. To make it work with the AI behavior up there, you make him thirsty and have him go to the location where the drink is at. Once there, the cup broadcast the signal to play the action where he takes the cup and drinks only if he is thirsty. Since you made him thirsty and he’s within the signal broadcast area of the cup, the action of him taking the cup and drinking is played.

Obviously to do something like SIMs you would definitely need to know python. So if you haven’t done it yet, learn the basics of the game engine and for this type of game, definitely take a look at python.

Jason Lin