Simulate a Big leaf

Hello there,

I have googled around and did some tests but nothing seems to be in the right direction.

I am trying to simulate a big leaf on the top of my character’s head so that the leaf will bounce and twist once the character is animated.

So far I have tried cloth sims and rigid bodies but the results even with tweaking where not satisfactory. What I am looking for is in my mind is a very stiff cloth sim which would only give it a bit of bounce the way a big leaf would behave. Could anyone point me in the right direction or have any ideas of how to work with this?

Hey there,

Just search for ‘jiggle armature’ addon, it’s quite easy to use and fun to play with.
I believe that’s how the jiggling ‘hair’ from tree creature demo were animated -

Hope it helps, happy blending!

Thanks Viktor, I will try it out tomorrow!

It EXACTLY what I needed, these jiggle bones are a whole lot of fun to work with, thank you.

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Glad it worked, keep up the good work!