Simulate Camera Lens Rainbow effects

Ok, I am working on a piece of blendering and it is set indoors in a concert hall. The characters and furniture look good and semiphotorealistic, but I want to give the effect of watching the scene through a lens of a real physical camera, so that means that I have to have the occasional rainbow distortions and specs of light coming over the viw like one does with real camers.

Do you understannd what i mean? I know that in some football type playstaytion games, distortion appears on the screen, just like it woud if you were watching a real night game on TV and the camera pans accross the pitch and catches some of the stadum lights that seem to move across the screen in the opposite direction to the panning, kind of ghostly.

How can i achieve this effect in blender?

Do you understannd what i mean?

Lens Flares. Easiest to add them as Post Production. Maybe VirtualDub or The Gimp can do it.

In Blender you can try by adding a 1-vert object with Material set to Halo and turn up the “Flares” option. How well it works will depend on the triangulation between that object, the Camera and the lights.


I have just realised that one can do the lens flaring thing in Photoshop for stills.

I feel like a right charlie