simulate cloth in ge,how?

hello everyone,
ive been trying to find a way to simulate a realistic cloth with my character s long coat without using bones which looks crappy currently,can anyone enlighten me with an idea?
another question just to save another thread is that i want to create a skill for the character like a combat skill with blue fire or neon fire but i dont even know where to start from,i want it to ofcourse work in blender Ge ,any help is greatly apreciated regarding those 2 questions…thanks in advance for any help,

For your first question, you could use a Soft body-type object (in the same area on the Physics tab as Dynamic / Static / etc).

ok i get it but then what to do next? how can i make it act as a cloth?

take a look on this file on the curtains, it ll help you to understand a way to make it.

hi Leon thanks for the file,i achieved the same results by applying the constraints to a plane but as soon as i parent it to a bone then all the dynamics are gone and it becomes static,how can i apply those with a rigged mesh,can u enlighten me with any ideas?
thanks in advance,
ola Leon vlw pelo arquivo brother mas so que quando o objeto com as constraints aplicada estive parenteado com uma estrutura ossea que é o caso do meu personagem ,simplesmente nao funciona,se pode me dar uma maoinha pra eu aplicar aqui no jogo?
vlw desde ja grato

Hi Leonn,
thanks for the reference again i really appreciate it,howver this one didnt work neither and i did everything correctly but it still didnt work,i uploaded the file here :
Link removed
can u help mme out with that?
thanks in advance,

I never tried to make that, but I think that what you need is like the flags on the back of the monster, I never tried but they achieve that, download the file from the youtube link that I sent you there are more explainations there.

hi Leonn,
i downloaded the file and tried the exact same thing and it didnt work,can u point me out the guy who created that so i can talk to him and send him my file so he tries to apply that to my game file? coz i really need to have that cloth simulation effect in my character coat coz currently it looks really crappy!
thanks for any input,

It was a guy from forum, i dont know the name but he is brasilian

yeah i know,i tried to contact him 3 days ago and till then nothing ,he never replied me…lets w8 and see if he gets the private msg i sent to him!
thanks Leonn

as promised(i took a little longer to make the video) im posting the results of the crappy deformation with bones,i need to apply the constraint tecnique to my characters coat,cant put up with the current results…

the video quality might not be a full res coz i just uploaded it ,so it might take a while till the best res comes out…