Simulate rope in game engine?

I’m using the Blender Game engine to simulate all the physics for a digital Rube Goldberg machine I’m making and I’m coming very close so succeeding. What I need to be able to do now; however, is simulate rope and all the movements it can do. How do I go about that?


I think that the best way is applying a softbody property to the mesh you are using as rope.

Great suggestion. I’m going to try that and I’ll tell you how that turns out when I get the chance!

I tried using soft body, but while the thin cylinder does bend and everything, I can’t make it work like rope without having the rope get super stringy, soft, and glitchy. Can anyone assemble a .blend file with a working rope that I can see and study?

I spent a long time trying to do this a while back. I was trying to simulate a rock climber falling. I think rigid body joints came closest but I couldn’t get anything realistic.

Armature :slight_smile:

You can run armatures in the BGE :slight_smile:


Worm2.blend (590 KB)