simulated lens correction for live action gaming.

Hi All, again I am turning to help from this forum on completing a project, as my other opened project’s lack support I have a way of adding fiscal endurance to them. Here In Sacramento, CA we have old town day’s while attending someone was quite rude to me and I had half a mind(sober anyway) to slap him with a glove and challenge him to a duel, so MY first instinct was to explore my android camera’s 3d motion capture app’s possible use of simulating firearm duel’s ( he did’nt quite understand why I would point my camera at him) but after I made nude mockup’s of him in photoshop and posted them on craigslist, I started working on a simulated handgun out of plastic to simulate recoil and mount the android phone in and have it point the camera through a convex( i know) lens. now Comes the part where everyone can join in and help out, the curvature of the lens is favoring a slight angle(almost hyperbolic) toward one side. and to use this lens (the only good mirror’s I got),I’d have to write a filter on blender’s postprocessing routines primarily(bge.texture.FilterRGB24) as the case may be and I am thinking apply a cosine transform on the pixel array capture’d from the /dev/video device anyone have a clue as to do this will have access to entirity of my code and gratitude.