Simulated Lights Node Shader (LightBox)

it came up in a topic ( @blenderaptor ) if it was possible to create lights in a shader tree without actually having lights in the scene. coincidentally, i was working on just that. after some qol i managed to get a pretty effective solution.

Behold, the LightBox!

the colored point lights are nodes only, the other lights are to show how it seamlessly integrates with normal lights. currently the shader works in world space, if for some reason you need them in object space, its an easy tweak.

Blend File:
Lightbox.blend (565.5 KB)

Use Object Coords :warning: :

but, isn’t the matter solved already in the other post ? (replacing true lights by Lamp data nodes and faking self-shadows) . Also, i’ve noticed that computing the self-shadows with nodes makes that solution as much as cpu-hungry than real lights. So maybe a mix-solution could be set in which the Lamp-data only computes self-shadows for dynamic objects being around

This LighBox is somehow different ?