Simulated Ocean (UPDATE)

(RipSting) #1

See below for an update

Working on more python scripts… I made one that can simulate bodies of water with waves and can deform any object in the direction of its normals.

But this isn’t just to plug my script! Does the water material look right? Assume there’s no whitecaps :wink: Here’s an MPEG-4 video of the ocean (254K):

See this post to find out more about the water script

(schock) #2

That camera movement is bothersome. I could better critique if the camera wasn’t moving. There needs to be more small ripples in those rolling waves. They are too smooth. It appears like a tarp or canvas flayling in the wind. Good start though.

(kaktuswasse) #3

well, the material is a bit noisy but the script is cooool. Could you send it me?

cya henrik

(ZoltarX) #4

Pass me the sea-sickness pills!!! The movement is great!

The material is a bit too much like satin fabric however in my opinion.



(blengine) #5

thats pretty cool, but it sort of looks like solid hills rather than water =
i cant quite tell why, but i think its the material
the animations looking good though =D

(RipSting) #6

Thanks for the tips- I’ll render a new one when I get the chance. I’m actually using a terrain funcion of Eeshlo’s dynoise module, but he recommended that I use a multifractal funcion instead. I bet if I used the “marble terrain” texture plugin that I could get much more realistic results too…

(ndnchief) #7

I dont Know what Schock is saying, I think the Camera movement is awsome, and the wave movement is great… Now all you have to do is get that water looking like water…, It seems to noisy, if the water looked more photo real, that would be an awsome awsome avi… I like very much… Good Job Man!!!

NDNChief, I really know nothing, see nothing, hear nothing… :smiley:

(harkyman) #8

Looks great. I saw an anim once that claimed to use a mesh deform for the big waves and animated bump/color mapping for the little stuff. It looked phenomenal. There’s no reason this wouldn’t look the same with the proper texturing. Any chance that you could show us a longer view of the same thing? Or post the script?

(VelikM) #9

Some pictures of the ocean from a boat for reference.

(slikdigit) #10

I think the small waves are too small, while the large ones too big. Its like a symmetry according to scale thing- as you zoom in the shape of the waves should stay ‘similar’. Whereas in this case, the shape goes from very rough (big swells) to smooth on the medium scale, to rough again in the small.
If you scale up the small scale, you’d probably get a more liquid effect- with rounded waves it might look a bit oily rather than watery though… If the sea were less agitated, the roundness might look good with water.
These are just musings. Its great, needs ‘just a little more’ to be jaw falling material.

(rwv01) #11

Wow that looks great!
You could probably use particle effects for the white caps and spray,
volumetric lighting for fog, play with the alpha on the waves.

The camera motion looks very realistic.
Like the perspective you would have from the bow of a fishing boat heading into the waves.

(RipSting) #12

Here’s an update…

I took Eeshlo’s advice on using multifractal routines to make more realistic waves. I now have presets for a lake and a choppy ocean. I actually layer a hybrid multifractal and a ridged multifractal for the choppy ocean effect (see picture).

The ocean’s material is made up of 4 layers:
1)Stucci bump map
2)Environment map
3)Layer of crud (hard to see)
4)Facing ratio (viewing water at shallow angle is lighter colored)

I also tried using the marble terrain plugin, but it didn’t like to be animated it seems. It was OK for rendering whitecaps in stills though.

You can see an MPEG-4 compressed AVI of the ocean here (358K):

Here’s a wireframe of a section of the ocean (464K):
Note that this was rendered in almost real time!

(hannibar) #13

Thats quite stunning! Best animated ocean in blender I’ve seen that is.

(schock) #14

That looks alot better. If you could simulate some particle white caps or something you would really have som nice waves. Waves that big look kinda of funny without any white caps or rolling over. hey ya chief, it is easier to critique when the camera isn’t moving, okay, settle down. Keep perfecting it ripsting.

(blengine) #15

thats looking alot better! its got blotches still though =\ im not a fan of them noise blotches…water should be smoother but that animation is really good!

(kaktuswasse) #16

yeah,thats pretty cool!!
would be even better with an animated env-map :wink:

cya henrik

(jeotero) #17

would this work with the game engine ?

maybe like a low poly version ?

(hamy25) #18

You gotta post that somewhere or send it to me!
Very nice ocean, though it is a bit coarse, overall very useful.

(BaDbOyHeRe) #19

I agree. the noise keeps poping out at me. I love the randomness of the waves, the colors are right on the money, and the flow from right to left gives a feeling of great mass. white caps would not do much for this water, but if a storm came in, that would be cool. is there a way to apply particles to only parts of mesh which are higher and have a greater angle. like using a threshold?

(Alltaken) #20

go and have a look at the ocean animation in the CJ a while ago.

it may give some ideas