simulating 2D with texture ?

Hi all

I´m trying to use blender as a 2D app, I didnt found any problems with animation and bones but I would like to put some textures of the face and body of my character with Alpha channel in some Planar shape.
The problem is that there is always a material in the back and I cant find the way of taking it out

I wouldnt like to use curves because I´m planning to put an animated texture of the mouth for the Lip syncronisation and the arms are a 3D model, I wanted to use blender´s Lipsyncro tool with textures but I think is not possible I really dont know if I can use curves and poligons in the same armature I really dont know so many things…

Any help would make me so happy…

Thanks for reading

I think you’ll find all you need here:

Thanks Kernond but I was looking for something similar but without curves
Anyway I will try Lipsyncro with curves…

thanks again

You were right I found the solution

just right click and choose ‘save target as’ to save the png, then…

  1. load the pic into the ‘view background image’ window, and add some planes, and adjust their dimensions to frame the various body parts.
  2. join with ctrl J, open up a UV editor window, and hit F to go into face select mode, and U for the UV options, and choose ‘project from view’.
  3. with your UV coords now in the UV editor window, browse for the image. scale your UV coords with S until they fit the image.
  4. now give your planes a material set to shadeless, load the image into a texture channel, check ‘use alpha’, and set mapping ( in materials ) to ‘UV’
  5. select all verts of your plane in edit mode, and press P, to seperate, and choose ‘all loose parts’. Now you just rearrange them a bit, and he’s ready to rig.

Thanks to Modron user
Thanks Kernond

I had some problems with Modron explanation (my fault)
So here is the solution if anyone want to know