Simulating a potato bag ( soft body ?)

I need to simulate a bag potatos falling from a conveyor band.
It doesnt need to be a 100% acurate bag filled with potatos, for a physics simulation.
I think a bag shape that would allow for some bending would be nice for animation purpose.

Now i was thinking to use a softbody aprouch, create a softbody add rigid body and then get some colision based deformation. Maybe my aprouch is wrong or i am forgetting something but the bag shape isnt deforming at all.
How do i get a little bend-ability into it ?.

Maybe try “cloth” instead of soft body simulation

hard to tell without seeing it, but i would guess you have your goal weights set too high.

tbh you may be making your own life difficult, since a potato sack filled with spuds would not deform much and may only bend in a few places, I would try a chain of roughly sack shaped “rigid bodies” try 3 of these chained together with rigid body constraints. and then use these to deform the actual shape. its one way of doing it anyways