Simulating a video projector in Eevee - can it be done?


(yogyog) #1

I’m willing to accept if this impossible…

So far I’ve tried putting the projection image in front of the light… the method we use in Cycles. This… would work with a line-drawing. I can’t get shades of grey and I certainly can’t get colour.

There’s also the possibility of putting an image texture on the light it’s self… I found this thread, but didn’t really understand it:

This is something I would like to be able to do, but I understand if it’s not actually possible… or that it may be implemented in the future.

(Lalaland) #2

yep, same here , my animation depends on this . could not do it in eevee

(kkar) #3

Did you guys try Uv Project modifier to fake it? You can choose a camera or lamp to create a projected uv space.

(yogyog) #4

That’s an interesting idea which I will look into. There’s probably some normal - maths that can make the image become brighter and more dim depending on the angle of the surface relative to the projector. The node-trees will become a little complex for me as there’s about 15 projectors in the scene, and there’s an object they’ll all be projecting on. Also there’s no way to get shadows with this method (as far as I can make out)… It looks like Eevee is not ready for projection mapping previs.