Simulating cloth with a solidified mesh

So what I am trying to do is use a cloth simulation on a skirt, and then adding a solidify modifier afterwards. Then I applied the cloth modifier. I am trying to add this character into a different scene, so I planned to apply another cloth modifier to the skirt once the character is rigged, but when I try this, the inside of the skirt mesh pokes out and the skirt mesh gets messed up.

Why have you added a Solidify Mod to the skirt? This seems unnecessary to me…

Cheers, Clock.

Well, I feel like it adds depth to the skirt and a bit of a realistic touch. :slight_smile:

Try smooth modifier between modifiers. Ideally you should apply solidify at the end of everything. If these do not work, identify problem areas, add them to a vertext group, then you can use the vertex group to mask out from the solidify modifier, if those areas are not anywhere visible like edges this might work.

Hmm… okay, I’ll try that! :slight_smile: