Simulating different forms of gravity

Hi, i would like to simulate gravity affecting a couple bouncing balls. I know you can do it with the game engine, but is there a way to bake the animation from the game engine? Also, is it possible to have each object be affected by a different strength of gravity, like have one as if it were on earth, one as if it were on the moon etc.

Thanks in advance,

Certainly!! If you go to the game option at the top of the screen next to 'File, Add, Timeline, Game…" and select game, there is an option to record game physics to ipo. Select that and then start the game engine, once you have what you want, stop the game engine and your newly created ipo curves should be playable like a normal animation!

Enjoy! =-D

Thanks!!! :smiley: What is the option called, because i cant find it, all there is is “Start Game, Enable all frames, show framerate and profile, show debug properties, and autostart” is it because i only have v.2.34?

Once a while you’re gonna have to use something that’s new and not in older versions…

Forgive my caps.
2.40a is in pre-release but works perfectly.

yeah, i did, and sry, i actually had v.2.37a up to now.
The new version is pretty good, there are some bugs i found.