Simulating Fuzzy dice on a rear view mirror

I my game, I want to have something that dangles from a rear-view mirror that sways when I turn the vehicle. I’m not sure how to implement it. I decided to start simple. I have a mirror and then I put a cube under it and made the mirror the parent.

The origin of the cube is at one of the corners (I attached a screenshot)

I’m fine with my “dice” rotating and pivoting around the origin. I don’t need any fancy string physics.

How do you do this?

As an aside, I’m going to need to implement the mirror so I can see behind. That’s going to be my next question :stuck_out_tongue:

rigid body physics

check the .blend out

the static has the logic to move to demonstrate,

just delete the logic in the static and parent it to your car,

also move it to it’s own collision layer(the dice) so they don’t mess with vehicle physics.


RigidBodyFuzzyDice.blend (452 KB)

I put it together just like in your blend and my whole vehicle jumped and spun around in the air. I think It’s messing with my physics, what do you mean by moving it to it’s own collision layer?

Al I did was delete everything in the panel except how you had it.

Collision group and mask

you can make the dice only collide with other dice

turn the group to (any but 1) and mask of layer 1.

check out the documents on collision group+mask

It is a game, fake it!

You do not even need it inside the car. Just in the scene with the mirror. Maybe not even there.

Use one or more animations, depending on the car’s turns (left/right). Nobody ever could tell if the motion is true or not.
Use a pivot and apply forces dependent on the car’s turns (left/right).

I tried the collision mask and it’s still flipping out.

I attached my blend so you can see. I need the little air freshener to “dangle” under the mirror
The only other object that has physics is the bus body for the tires
I know this sounds petty, but it’s rather critical for the game for the air freshener to be influenced by the physics engine

I have screenshots of how I set up the masks.