Simulating hand drawn animation in Blender

I’ve been working on simulating a hand-drawn look inside of blender. Here’s a link to the animation.

And here is an explanation:

I’m pretty happy with the results, although I have not solved the problem of how to handle characters turning.

Love to hear your thoughts.


great work! I really like what you have done. Didn’t you encouter the z-twist bug? I just tried something similar but the pesky z-twist bug prevents me from finishing it…

Very interesting. Have you tried scaling the bone controling the head to -1 along an axis to turn it around?

I suppose that would work, although the in between frames would look a bit funny if I am understanding you correctly.

laune, No oddly that didn’t happen to me, although the lines are thin enough that if it did it would not really be a problem for what I am doing.

very good! :slight_smile:

Nice work man. I will try to make something out of this technique. Could be a cool “hand drawn” loggo or something.